Monday, January 31, 2011

Easy Heart Art

So I'm still stuck on paint chips. I think between myself and a couple of local friends who read my blog, we have cleared our Walmart out of all Valentine colored paint chips. Oops. This involved me cutting out a whole bunch of hearts. Lots and lots and lots. More than I needed actually. Then I cut a piece of cardstock to fit our frame and turned Sweet Pea loose with the glue gun. She did most of the gluing but added in the layers at the end. I think it makes a cute little addition to our Valentine Decor.




Hanging out with a strange collection of stuff. I really need to reorganize my decor!


So are the rest of you preparing for the winter storm. The weather men here in St.Louis are saying this will be storm of epic proportions. Really?? I guess it's because we are getting a whole mess of ice and then ten to twelve inches of snow on top of that. Gross. It's days like these where I feel fortunate to be a stay at home mom. My groceries are bought and we are prepared to snuggle in for the next three days! I will have to get creative to keep my kids entertained though! Wish us luck and hope the power stays on!!

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