Monday, January 17, 2011

Puppet Party - Pint Sized Project

Do your kids ever put the pressure on you do to a project RIGHT NOW!!! That was this weekend for me. I mentioned puppet theater to Sweet Pea a week or so ago and she has been begging me to finish it ever since. Well, I had some time yesterday and decided to come up with something for the kids. This was a VERY make-shift, dig something out of the closet so I don't have to go the fabric store type of thing but it resulted in a lot of fun.

We started with

-some old curtains and tension rod I stole from the basement. (You could borrow your shower curtain for an afternoon!) We put this across the top of the doorway.

- an odd cast of piece of poly knit of some sort that I hemmed the edge of and sewed couple of loops on. We hammered a couple of nails in sides of the doorway and stretched this across. Sweet Pea insisted on this lower curtain. You know "so you can't see our bodies MOM!!)

- some scrap fleece, old socks, odds and ends from the scrap bucket, googly eyes, beads, yarn, etc.

I worked on the puppet theater and sewed a couple of quick mitten style puppets. I also glued mouths in the sock puppets and the kids did the rest.



Jojo was quite serious about using the glue gun. Yes he is two. Yes, I let him use the low temp glue gun. Yes, he did an awesome job and didn't burn himself or make a mess!

Puppets in action. You can't really tell but the yellow thing is car I cut out of corrugated plastic. It fits around the puppet's neck and makes them look like they are driving. The waves are corrugated plastic covered in blue paper. I glued a stick to the back for holding.



Holy cow, it was hard to take pics of the puppets. The kids kept moving them and making them drive and swim and crash their cars into the waves!! Quite the fun project for a chilly Sunday afternoon!


  1. I love this.. What fun and another great idea for me to do with the grandkids


  2. I remember enjoying playing puppets as a kid. What fun I had :)


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