Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Wonder what the creature named a ruffleopagus would wear? Ruffles I suppose. Please excuse my poor excuse for humor. I'm sleeeeepy. Jojo + daylight savings time = bad news. Seems we are back to our five am wake ups. Oh well, plenty of time for sweater refashioning.

I came across this ruffle sweater redo on the blog If Only They Would Nap (love this name!) last week and thought, "oh I could do that". So I did some digging and found a suitable sweater and tshirt in the goodwill box.

No full recap of how I did this since I pretty much followed the steps Jess did over at If Only They Would Nap. I did do my ruffles a bit different. Only because I made a whole bunch of these ruffle skirts last year and so I used the ruffling processes describe there.

See a boring old sweater and a more boring wrinkly t-shirt.
Cut strips, of knit from t and sew to the sides.
Make ruffles. Lots and lots of ruffles. The t-shirt strips I used were two inches wide. I wish they were just a bit wider. Pin to the sweater. Debate, around the neck or not around the neck.
I did without the ruffles around the neck and wasn't happy with how it laid. Those ruffles are heavy. Somehow adding the ruffle around the neck balanced things out.
Boy those pants are an outdated ugly wash. . . . but they are so darn comfy.

Make one for yourself! And sorry,no head shots. Kids were sleeping and I was having a crappy time taking photos with the timer. And I went the gym today and left in a hurry to run errands before picking up Sweet Pea from school so yeah, no make up and no hair do!


  1. Oh i love this. I'm so glad you posted this as I was looking for something similar to this. Now i can stop looking and make my own

    Thanks for sharing

  2. very cute and good idea. I will be looking for a sweater to revamp!

  3. thanks for sharing yours :) i LOVE it! and i love the ruffles all around the neck. great job!

  4. I love what you did, wow!
    it looks so good now :)

  5. So cute! Gotta love the ruffles! Looks like it adds some cozy-ness to that sweater! Please add to my linky party

  6. wow that turned out so cute! i just did a post on reusing an old shirt to make an anthropologie inspired tee. i love this project!

  7. Love this!! I have made several ruffle shirts and dresses, and I just saw a cardi tute from a regular sweater--but this is genius! You did both! I am having my first link party tomorrow at Vintage Pollyanna. Will you join me?

  8. This is cute :) I came from fireflies and jellybeans!

  9. Really cute idea! I need to try this!

  10. Great job! I have done lots of t-shirts but haven't taken the sweater plunge yet. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. I heart this project SO much! Can't wait to give it a try!! Thanks for sharing your ingenuity.

    Warmly, Michelle


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