Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For the Birds

So you all already know we feed the birds here right?? If not, check out the birdfeeders we made a couple of weeks ago. They are pretty popular with the chickadees and we have seen cardinals, junco, nuthatch, bluejay, finches, doves and two different kinds of woodpeckers so far! Lots of fun for the kids. So, I figured, let's do another project for the birds so we made up one of Under the Table and Dreaming's birdseed wreaths. It's made by mixing two packs of unflavored gelatin, a cup of water and two cups of birdseed!  Easy and cute! We added a few cranberries to ours that were still in the freezer from last year to add a little color!

And now a note:  I don't know if it's not quite cold enough here for this due to the fact that it's made of gelatin or if one of the nasty squirrels in our neighborhood tried to jump on our wreath, but it was down when we got home from the YMCA today. So sad. I set the chucks up on the deck rail and a big chunk in the suet feeder so the birds can still enjoy it! I will be trying this one again for sure!!


  1. Those are so cute! I am thinking about having my kids make some for my father in law.

  2. We've seen birds poking around in the snow here looking for things to eat, so I was thinking about sprinkling some birdseed once I can get to the store for some. This is so much better!

  3. We made one of these last week. It's not decorated as well as yours, but I think I think it looks pretty in the tree. We have yet to see any birds go near it, but we'll keep watching. You can see it here http://helpinglittlehands.blogspot.com/2010/12/felt-forests-and-birdie-wreaths.html


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