Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Taggies X Two

UGH. So does anyone else ever have days or weeks where things are just not going quite right. I'm mean really. I have a super cute train appliqued shirt that I REALLY want to show you and I CAN NOT get my scanner to work. NO dice. Missing driver or something. Troubleshooting is troublesome. GRR. To go along with that. I made these taggie blankets and in the process of doing so, broke my sewing machine. Like grinding gears and such. I fear the motor is fried which makes me want to cry since I made a special trip to the fabric store to get things for a whole mess of sewing projects. Oh and yeah, I had to finish sewing up my taggies by hand. And since, I'm complaining about all things going wrong, my husband has a strange medical thing going on that is requiring surgery the afternoon before Thanksgiving. This means our one and only trip to WI this year to see family up there is canceled. So yeah. I need to sit down, breathe, pray and chill out.

. . . . SO while I chill out. (Actually I'm going to stir the quadruple batch of soup on the stove) Take a look at these taggies. They were a gift for Sweet Pea's preschool teacher who is expecting a surprise baby in late December.

And here's a couple of links on how to make them if you have a baby to sew for!
Monagram Taggies at Twelve Crafts Till Christmas
Taggie Monsters at Wendelonia
Taggie Animals at Homemade by Jill
Taggie Tutorial at Ehow

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  1. Sorry you have so much going on. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your husband AND for your sewing machine!

    Your taggies look great! I have been making lots of taggies lately as gifts. But none for "surprise" babies. I guess I need to buy some green fleece for the surprises!


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