Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Even more excitement

Wow, what a Tuesday! Top Ten in the Iron Crafter and a lovely feature of the Sweater Beret and the Button Scarf over at Someday Crafts.

Sure makes a momma feel good. Especially since it's been a LONG day at home with a little boy who is running a temperature. We do not do "stay at home all day" well. I am one to always go somewhere. OH, we did go for a quick walk after supper. The cabin fever was just too much for me. It's gonna be a tough week since the hubby is out of town till Friday. I did manage to work on three new projects today! One is another sweater recycle, one is a pint sized project for the kids, and one is an attempt at some wall art using some random junk from my basement! fun fun! See you back here soon!

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