Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dance Party Screen

So yeah, I didn't do anything crafty over the weekend. Unless chilling in my hotel room, eating an insane amount of fried food and watching the NASCAR race live is considered crafty! We really did have a fabulous time but came back tired and then still had a 6 hour "turn and burn" up to Iowa to fetch the children from my parents.

SO . . . do to all that, I figured I'd dig up an old project for you today. Please excuse the not so great photos. I think Paul (the husband) actually took most of these. The whole concept of constructing a dance party stage in our unfinished basement for Sweet Pea's fourth birthday was his brain child. I figured it needed a little decor and came up with the bright colored screen in the background. Please note that we came up with the solution because we lease our home and aren't able to install anything permanent. The entire screen can easily be deconstructed and moved to our next location!

This is what I did.
-raided the box of leftover yard signs. Really I STILL have two full boxes down stairs.
- got a lot of spray paint in dance party colors
- spent a week of afternoons spray painting
- drilled small holes in the upper and lower corners of each sign
- made 2 inch jump rings out of hot pink and hot blue jewelry wire
- connected each panel with jump rings and hung them from a small chain nail to the studs of the ceiling.
- dance party USA

This really was a super duper fun party and sometime in the near future I'll do a complete recap of the party. How about a party week. Fun fun!
The screen in progress. Had to trim the bottom panels to fit. Nice plumber pants Jojo.

Um, looks like this was the Amish paradise dance party!

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  1. This is too cute, Great job, did not know the Amish could have so much fun.

    Love your blog



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