Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Glass Ornament

So I have this tree. It's a little tree. A Christmas Tree. And it needs some help. It used to have lots of decorations on it. It was all decked out with tiny gold balls and glow in the dark angles when I brought it to my brother in laws hospital room sever years ago when he was battling cancer over Christmas. It lost a few when I transported it to my office at work for a couple years. It lost even more when I moved it across several states. And even more after the kids discovered it!!

Anyway, it needs some new ornaments. Small ones. It's a tiny tree. We are just reaching the time of year here in Missouri where I'd rather spend my afternoons indoors than outdoors which means Sweet Pea is bored. Making these mini glass "marble" ornaments was our craft project yesterday afternoon.

We started with some of those glass marbles. You know the kind you get in the floral department. The kind that all sorts of people have made fridge magnets out of. These are similar but a bit bigger. We got them at the dollar store last week. We also dug into the giant pack of scrapbook paper I picked up for an advent project (coming soon) and some E600 glue.

 Yes, those ovals of paper are rough. Sweet Pea traced and cut them. She LOVES scissors. So yeah, these ornaments aren't perfect but we love them.
 We put a little glue on the back of the glass. We used E600 because it dries transparent and is good for lots of surfaces.
 Then we pressed our circle of scrapbook paper to the back and watch the glue slide and the little air bubbles slide to the sides.
And we added a bit of ribbon.
And another circle of scrapbook paper.

We let them dry face up over night and hung them on our mini tree this morning!

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  1. Cute! Funny, I just made some of those magnets with Christmas paper today. Good to know you can find them at the $$ store.


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