Saturday, November 27, 2010

K for Christmas

This post is coming to you courtesy of my iPhone. I apologize for the less than stellar photos and any other strange issues that may occur.

Jojo & I whipped up this piece of holiday decor shortly after one of his 5am wake ups last week. The camera was up in the bedroom with Sweet Pea & the hubs & I didn't want to wake them. I once again started with a piece of my trusty corrugated plastic sign. This time I cut out a giant "k" for our last name.

I wanted to wrap this baby in greenery for the frot door but it looked really bad - craft fail!! So, we moved on to wrapping paper.

We wrapped it up just like you would a present. We held the paper to the back with hot glue.
The insides of the K were a bit tricky.

I'm a bad mom & let my toddler play with scissors. It was 5:30 am.

When it was all wrapped up I thought it needed a little something. So we glued on a couple of Christmas ornaments & a bow.

And some ribbon to the top for hanging.

And hung it up. I'm not sure I love it. Any thoughts??

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