Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mini Felt Wreaths - Pint Sized Project

So after making the wreath out of pants, Sweet Pea really wanted to make her own wreath. She loves it when I display her art work and I figured we could use something new to replace a few of the items I tossed from last Christmas. (Yes, I toss my children's art work. Sweet Pea produces about 20 pieces a day. I can't keep it all! )  I did some digging through my scrap fabric and found some green felt, and cut out more circle from my trusty corrugated plastic signs!

Our circles were about ten inches I think. I traced a mixing bowl for the outside and a yogurt cup for the inside circle.
We cut the green felt in to strips and fired up the glue gun. I started by putting down a dab of glue and having the kids stick down the felt. Then they wrapped it tightly around the circle.
Okay, so Jojo didn't really wrap his. He mostly picked at the hot glue.
This is what it looked like when we had it all wrapped up. I did put a few dots of glue here and there under the felt to hold it in place. Next we cut some circles out of red & white felt. They were about four inches across I think. I eyeballed these so they aren't really very round.
Fold your circle in half and then in half again.
I put down a generous circle of glue and Sweet Pea pressed her flower into it. From the top to avoid burned, gluey fingers!
Then we glued down a couple more felt flowers, added a strip of felt for hanging and called it good!  I hung these in the windows in our breakfast area by pulling the top window down, tucking the felt strip in, and shutting the window.


  1. What fun! And you're not alone, my husband and I feel the same way about our child's art work. If she really likes it, we take a picture. I don't really care about any of the stuff I did growing up, and I'm sure she won't want some big box of old marshmallows glued together and faded pictures, she can just have a disk burned with her favorite art projects. Much easier to store.

  2. And look how great they turned out. Great job sweet pea and jojo.



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