Saturday, January 29, 2011

Family Pedicure Night

So it's the end of the blogspa week over at Twelve Crafts Till Christmas and Flamingo Toes. Did you visit?? For the weekend they are hosting a bloghop with spa ideas and I wanted to share one from our house.

About once a month or so we have family pedicure night. It's not usually planned but it usually lands on a Friday night after my husband has been out of town traveling and spent lots of time on his feet training. It started a LONG time ago when my husband and I were both playing rugby. My husband's feet were those of an athlete including turf toe and calluses so think I cut some of the loose skin off with a scissors. Rugby boots can really do a number on your feet. That said, we got one of those foot spas and family pedicure night was born. Over the years we have amassed a variety of products from scrubs to lotions etc and now the kids get in on the fun. We pop in a movie and everyone gets a turn to soak their feet, get a foot massage and a little toe nail polish if they want.

It's a whole lot cheaper than taking all four of us to the nail salon or the spa! I also like that it shows our kids a spirit of caring for others. Nothing quite like taking care of another person's feet.

The only sad part of family pedicure night is that I can't talk my husband into painting my toenails for me. I guess Sweet Pea will be old enough to do it before too long!

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