Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fabric Flower Clips

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Lots of snow, we were cold. Jojo only napped about an hour instead of his usual three hours. Sweet Pea was in a foul mood. Unlike me, my husband had a fabulous day. Good stuff at work. The good part about my bad day is that the kids went to bed around seven which left us with a couple of hours of quiet before we hit the pillow. The hubs had some work to finish up so I attacked the lining of one of his old suit coats and cut circles. Lots of little circles. To make these.

I kind of sort of followed the tutorial at Make it and Love It!   

I also whipped up a couple of pairs of these this afternoon. They are some extra long, double cuffed, fleece mittens. I sewed a sock inside the cuff that goes up to their elbows. I plan to tuck the sock cuff into their sleeve and to pull the long cuff over their coats to keep out ALL the snow!  I think I took enough pics for a tutorial if any one else wants to make some. I hate seeing cold snow in that space between coats and mittens and boots and snowpants. I even have my kids wear footie jammies when they go sledding to keep the snow off their legs!

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