Monday, January 10, 2011

Anniversary Banner

It's January 10. It's a special day around here. It's a special day because eight years ago on this day on COLD Wisconsin Friday night, my husband asked me to marry him. Seven years ago on this day we were on the beach in Mexico with thirty of our closest friends and family saying our "I DO's".

It's been a pretty fabulous seven years. We've had our ups and downs and joys and losses and weathered through them all.  It you stop by to read this, LOVE YOU BABE!! 

So in honor of our anniversary I did a bit of decorating in our bedroom. Honestly, it's been the very last room in any of the places we have lived to get much attention. It tends to be my dumping ground for the things that don't fit anywhere else. There's often a huge mountain of laundry. In fact there is now, you just can see it in these pics!! Anyway, for the past two and half years we have been looking a  great mass of whiteness above the bed.  . . . until today. 

It went from this

I was inspired by the Love Letter Banners on Our Hartbeat. She has a great tutorial that I sort of followed. I sewed my letters together on the sewing machine rather than threading them on yarn.  I picked the phrase "I Love you More" since it's was something we always said back when we were dating. And, well I love him more now than then!!  I added a few of my favorite wedding photos and a collage frame of items from our wedding as well. Looks like they are a bit crooked!!! Guess I"ll have to fix that. 

Here's to a lovely day to everyone!


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