Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Indoor Fun - Pint Sized Project

My husband is feeling a bit better today but is still stuck in bed which means I am still stuck playing nurse rather than taking time for much blogging or crafting. I've done a few things with the kids to keep them quiet which you will see soon.
Here are just a few of the things we have been up to to keep ourselves quiet so daddy can rest.

1. Riding scooters indoors. Jojo has a radio flyer and Sweet Pea has a Razor. They love them. Not sure this is the greatest for my bamboo floors but it's great for burning energy.

2. Marshmallows plus toothpicks = a nice long quiet activity.


or a quick snack if you are Jojo :)


3. Make cinnamon rolls. Make this recipe from the Pioneer Woman. IT will be worth every minute of fussing it takes to make them.



4. Make tents and hide in them with flashlights. My kids are totally obsessed with tent making right now!



What do you do when your spouse is sick?? What do you when you need your small people to be quiet. It's so hard for my little people.

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