Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Valentine Colored Coffee Filter Wreath

They're everywhere!! At least I feel like I've seen them everywhere. The beloved coffee filter wreaths. See, I just found five cool versions in less than five minutes! 

The Martha Stewart Version
A "natural" version from The Little Brown House
Dyed Filters from Shell's Shabby Shack
A trio of wreaths from Worley House
A big fluffy one from Decor Chick

Anyway, now that the Christmas decor is down, I'm ready for Valentine's Day. Yes, I like just a bit of decor for Valentine's day. It makes the kids happy. It annoys my husband. He's one of those "I love you everyday, I don't need a holiday to celebrate it."  It doesn't help that in December we do Christmas, January is our anniversary, and then February is Valentines.  He's a good gift giver but doing it three months in a row burns him out.  Anyway, back to the wreath.

I wanted to do some sort of Valentine's wreath and figured a heart shaped one would be cute covered in coffee filters. Can you guess what I started with????

Yup, it's my trusty corrugated plastic signage!! What will I do when the box is empty??

I cut out a heart. A pretty big heart. I should have made it smaller. This turned out HUGE!!

Next I started gluing on my plain old, white, purchased from the dollar store coffee filters. I didn't fold them or do anything fancy. I just put a dot of glue on the bottom and glued them on until the whole wreath was full.

See that, it's glue. A glob of glue on the end of a hot glue gun stick. I'm showing this to you because my sister taught me a cool little trick to make working with a glue gun easier. When you go to stick in a new stick but a little tiny dab of glue on it. Then stick in. It will glue it self to the stick that's in there. Keeps it from falling out while you are working!

See, it's glued to the other stick.  Works like a charm! 

So I glued and glued and glued. And ran out of filters and called my friend Vicki to bring me some more. I think I used around 150 filters on this wreath. Remember, it's HUGE.  I got done and thought, "hey cool, but it's so WHITE!"

Way to white for Valentine's day right?  So I decided to add a little pink. I took a stack of coffee filters and colored the edges with a hot pink sharpie. You could do red, purple, or any combination of colors!

Then I glued them in randomly among the white filters! I wish I had thought of coloring the filters before I started the project. It'd be gorgeous with all pink edges.

Then I added a ribbon. I have a problem with committing to using up such a lovely piece of ribbon so I tied it on instead of gluing. Just in case I want to use it for something else! The filters are so full, the easily hide the ribbon from the front.

For the moment the wreath is hanging on the giant wall in the kitchen with the LOVE banner / garland I made last year.

Hmm, maybe it needs something else?? A purple heart??

Okay, a purple heart cut from craft foam and nestled in the middle.



  1. I may have to try this one if I can find my glue gun. It turned out very nice!

  2. What a great idea. I would never of thought of using coffee filters (which i have way to many of) to produce a heart wreath. Really Cool and I love the 'Love' sign above.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. You have a lovely blog. I tried to send you an e-mail but I found no contact info on your blog. Could you please contact me? Thanks!

  4. Hi sarah, a new follower here. I am obsessed with FREE or close to FREE crafts for VD! I love this. 1 question....after you cut the heart, before you started gluing, it looks like you ahve something else on the heart, looks like newspaper? I am missing something?


  5. Thanks for the Link LOVE!

    That's awesome how you added some color to yours! Great idea!


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