Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tights Tutorial: Patches and appliques

Do you have a little girl that wears tights?? Does she do this to her tights??

Sweet Pea has ripped holes in nearly every pair of tights I have purchased her in the past year. I don't know what she is doing but it's making me crazy. She is a big fan of dresses so she wears lots of tights so this is sort of like the little boy who has holes in the knees of his jeans. Well, rather than run out and buy new tights, I decided to give repairing them a try. Here's how to do it if your girl has the same problem.

1. Start by having your girl try on the tights. Make measurement of how big the hole is and write it down. Then take a measurement of your girl's knee. Sweet Pea's was ten inches around. Divide that in have and right it down. Then take a piece of cardboard and cut it the same width as 1/2 your girl's knee measurement. The height is flexible. The one in this photo is 5 inches by about 8 inches. Round the corners of cardboard so it will slip into the tight leg.

Next take an old tshirt or cami and cut out some shapes. Makes sure they will be big enough to cover the holes or tears. Also, make sure that your t-shirt is a stretchy one with a bit of lycra or spandex in it.

We did pink hearts of course. I'm thinking her other pair will have multicolored polka dots!
Next put your cut out shapes on some fusible web and cut around them. Remember to start by peeling off only one side of the paper on your web. I used steam a seam 2 because it was what I had on hand. You can also put your fabric on the web first and then cut. I was free handing the hearts so I cut them out first to make sure I liked the shape.
Next, stick your shapes to your tights with the cardboard filler left in and iron them on. Sorry I dont' have a photo of this part. Sweet Pea and Jojo were racing scooters in the house and I was trying to not get my toes run over while I ironed.  Pull out the cardboard and this is what you will have!!

For now I am trusting that the steam a seam will hold these patches on. If you aren't confident, you could do some hand stitching around each patch to secure them. I think a cute whipstich around the edge would look cute!   Also, if you are like Sweet Pea, one patch may not be quite enough.  Feel free to add as many as you like!!  I think these will be too cute to wear for Valentine's Day!!



  1. Whoa do you think I am too old for these?

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  2. Thanks. This is exactly what I was looking for!


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