Friday, January 28, 2011

Giant Valentine Art - Pint Sized Project

Due my husband being really sick this week, I haven't done a whole lot of crafting. Most of what I have been working on involves keeping my kids somewhat quiet and entertained so their daddy can rest. This GIGANTIC art project was part of an attempt to do just that. It kept Sweet Pea busy for almost and hour. Jojo was off riding his scooter half way through as usual. Hard to keep him still.


I started by taping a huge sheet of paper on the floor with painter's tape. I tore the paper off the kids roll of easel paper.


They I set the kids loose with stampers, ink, and paint and paintbrushes when they got tired of stampers.




Then I let the art work dry over night. This was a bit of a challenge since the kids wanted to touch it, tear it, stomp on it, etc. Then I dug up this strange piece of plywood type board from the basement. It's actually a shelf from some old cubicles. (yes, I have some really strange things in my basement :) ) I removed the hardware from the ends and taped used painters tape to cover the board with our art work.


I also attached some hangers to the back but they tore out when I tired to hang this up, it's really heavy. So for now, it's living on top of our TV cabinet. The kids are thrilled to have their art work displayed in such a huge way!


Now, if you are thinking, "oh I don't have cool old pieces of cubicle in my basement??" Since we used painter's tape it will be easy to remove so you could do this with any painting or frame you have hanging on your walls already. You could also do this for any holiday or just for fun!

Hope you like it. It's sort of a cross between abstract art and something you'd see in a kindergarten class room.


  1. Love it! We are doing this next week. It will be a great craft to keep the kiddos busy while my mommy friend and I craft! Thanks for the great idea!


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