Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday Outfits

So there is a limited time in your kid's lives where they allow you to pick out their clothes for them. And an even shorter time when they will allow you to pick matching or coordinating outfits. And maybe an even shorter time when they will allow those outfits to be home sewn. Yes, I took advantage of that time this year. And came up with these outfits for the kids to wear to our holiday gatherings.

Many thanks to my brother in law Ryan Thompson, art & photography professor for the two photos above.

Sweet Pea's dress is the Charlotte Dress by Mama Stellato done in red corduroy and a paisley print I found at JoAnne's. I really love this pattern and it came together quickly, think one very early morning before we headed to Iowa for the holidays. I am thinking I'll be making this again, shorter to wear as a tunic.

Jojo's pants were made following Dana from MADE's flat front pockets tutorial. Red corduroy with yellow knit lining in the pockets.

The cool red suspenders which I accidentally made WAY TO BIG were done following the super easy tutorial from Make it and Love it. In retrospect, I wish I had made these in the paisley print too. Alas, I did them before I even purchased the cool print!

And finally the bow tie. I'm afraid my poor boy has more of these in his future after two of his aunties saw him in this outfit! Both are getting married next summer and like this look for the weddings! As for a pattern, I kind or sort of came up with my own. I REALLY wanted a REAL bow tie, not a clip or velcro or snap. So, I modified an adult pattern a bit & made the part that goes around his neck out of elastic to give it some give. I am really happy with how it came out despite the fact that Jojo insisted on messing with it so it was nearly always lopsided. So it goes with the two year old set!

I hope you think these outfits are as cute I do!! Both could be done in a variety of fabrics and variations for any special occasion during the year!


  1. Very cute! I especially love those last two shots.

  2. They are very cute! It's hard to get matching boy and girl outfits, too. You did a nice job.


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