Sunday, January 16, 2011

Something on Sunday - my favorite artist

I have to apologize. Last week I posted about how I'd like to post everyday. So yeah, that didn't happen yesterday. Am I the only one who has days that just get away from you. It started with a surprise trip to Cracker Barrel for breakfast where my husband bought me an accordion. Yes, a child's accordion from the Cracker Barrel gift shop. I've been eying it for ages. I really want my kids to learn how to play the accordion. I think it's a lost art! . . . . and I have a secret affection for polka music!! So yeah, I got sucked into trying to learn to play the accordion. That was followed by Zumba, a trip with friends to eat the best Chicken Wings ever. No naps for my kids. I did a quick house clean up and headed out with a friend while my husband hosted poker night. Busy stuff. So yeah a long way of saying, "sorry no post yesterday."

Today is Sunday though and we are having a relaxed day. After reading this post by Dana from MADE, I was inspired to tell you today about my favorite  artist. Her name is Sweet Pea and daily I am amazed by her creativity. She could spend all day drawing and coloring and gluing and cutting. It has been a pleasure to see her come up with ideas that never would have crossed my mind. I love how she wields both the scissors and the glue gun with ease at the tender age of four. As I watch her, I can only imagine what she will create as she gains more skill! The other thing I adore about her is that she LOVES to give her art away. Most visitors to our home don't leave without at least one drawing. Since, I can't mail each reader a piece of autographed art work from Sweet Pea, I'll share a few photos instead.  Enjoy!






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  1. aw. so cute! Thanks for sharing with me Sarah :)
    - dana


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