Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Glitter Paintings

I'm going a bit crazy being shut up in my house!!! Thankyou blizzard warning. Actually if it was just snow, I'd take the kids out to play but I'm lucky enough to be in the area getting a "wintery mix" which means a whole lot of sleet. Like three inches of sleet on the ground. It's gross. And the husband went to work today. Hope he makes it home safe.

The kids did really well entertaining themselves this morning until about 11 when Sweet Pea started clamoring for a project. The kids bedrooms are in desperate need of some art so we came up with these. This is based on Valentine Art I saw on another blog earlier this week. I can for the life of me remember where but many thanks if it was you!

I started by letting the kids paint some 11x14 inch canvas boards. They made a mess. I filled in the patchy spots.



Next, I printed off some shapes. A crown for Sweet Pea and a bat & ball for Jojo. I just picked a couple of clipart images off my computer. I printed them on card stock and cut them out. We laid them on our canvas while the paint was still wet and sprinkled on some glitter.


I shook off the extra glitter and added the word "Princess" to Sweet Pea's with some modpoge and a bit more glitter. I used white paint to put "Bat" & "Ball" on Jojo's. Excuse my less than stellar handpainted letters. :)


And after nap time, we hung them up in the kids room. Fun snow day project and cute art for their rooms. :)



I love that this was quick and easy and that the kids could help. Seems to keep them happiest these days when they get to do a project too and they love seeing their work displayed. Jojo is especially proud of the bat and ball in his room :) I also like that you could use any shape for this. A truck, a flower, a bird. Makes me want to do a few more.

hope you are all staying warm :) It's a hot cocoa and Bailey's night around here.

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