Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Love Banner

Like most craft bloggers, I have been crafty for a lot longer than I have been a crafty blogger. IT seems blogging about crafts comes from a need to find a place to document all the cool stuff you are doing! This "LOVE" banner is one of those "before I had a blog" projects. There is no tutorial or cool step by step photos. Just the finished projects which took a little wear and tear being shuffled around the basement in the "non valentine" season.



someone is not feeling the love in this photo!


I was inspired WAY back last year by this snow banner at Mod Podge Rocks. I didn't quite have all the supplies so I improvised a bit.

1. I used paper from a scrapbook kit that was already cut in those big heart shapes.
2. I modpodged my paper to some lovely corrugated plastic
3. I cut out letters from scrapbook paper and modpodged them to the hearts
4. I made the little paper rosettes and glued them on with hot glue
5. I brushed on a little silver paint.
6. I hammered a few holes in the corners of my hearts and strung a ribbon through to hang.

I'm not sure how long this baby will last but it was fun to pull it out and hang it up again this year!

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