Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something on Sunday - Poof Headband

How about a little bling for Oscar Sunday??? I saw some tulle poof headbands in Old Navy last night and thought "I could make something like that." And have you been in there lately?? There are a million embellished t-shirts on the shelves. It really made me wonder if the designers from Old Navy are reading craft blogs for ideas!?!?!

Start with some tulle. I had some from a tutu project gone bad. It's the kind that comes on a roll at Michael's for weddings and such. Cut some squares or rectangles. You'll need at least 10. This is kind of free form.


Trim your rectangles into sort of a flower shape.


Next scrunch them up in the middle and hot glue them to a little circle of felt. Mine was about the size of a dime.


When you are done gluing on your stack of flowers. Take another circle of felt and glue it to your headband. I used the stretchy elastic sort but you could use any headband, clip or pin.

Finish by sticking it on your Sweet Pea's head :)

Take an obligatory picture of the baby brother modeling reindeer antlers despite the fact that it is nearly March. Fun times around here I tell ya!


And I'm off. Girls only Oscar party tonight. Sweet Pea just said "Dad, get your lazy butt out of bed and feed us some supper." :)

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