Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Butterfly Clippie

I am having a heck of a time pulling out of the post vacation slump. My kids are all out of whack too and Jojo has been back to getting up at 4:30am again. Not so fun. I also have some other things on my plate like planning a bridal shower for my sister to be held in less than a month and finding out that Jojo is going to need speech therapy of some sort. Guess it's a problem when only your momma can really understand what you're saying. Anyway, those two things took over my day yesterday but I still wanted to share something with you today.

I was on a roll before vacation making a bunch of clippies for Sweet Pea. I spent a whole evening cutting little circles and melting the edges to make flowers like this. After a zillion circles, I was done and wanted to see another shape!!! The gauzy fabric reminded me a bit of the wings of a dragonfly and I suggested a dragon fly clippie to Sweet Pea but she was not convinced, so a butterfly it is!


I made this by cutting butterfly shapes out of my two fabrics. One is a silk type fabric and the other is some gauzy. Sorry I'm awful with actually knowing the names of fabric. They are both synthetic. I cut one butterfly a bit larger than the other. Next I melted the edges with a candle to prevent fraying and glued to the two together with my trusty glue gun. You could also stitch these together but I was feeling lazy. I finished the butterfly by rolling a small square of fabric into a tube and gluing it to the center. I also attached a hair pin to the back.


I'm not sure I adore this one. I want to experiment with adding more layers, more colors etc.


  1. This came out very nice.
    Good luck with the speech therapist. And you'll do great with the bridal shower.

  2. I love this. So pretty. I'm going to make one for my lil Grandaughter.

    Thanks for sharing


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