Thursday, February 10, 2011

Conversation Heart Clippies


I'm not sure we want our kids wearing food in their hair for every holiday, but aren't these cute! I figure they have enough glue on them that Sweet Pea won't be tempted to eat them. Jojo on the other hand, not so much. See that photo above, yup, that the first set I made a week ago that Jojo found and sucked and licked and chewed on. That said, I suggest you make these for the older girls in your life!

1. Start with some hearts and little bit of felt.


2. Using hot glue, glue your hearts to the felt.

3. Trim off the extra felt. This is a bit tricky.

4. Fold your hearts apart and add a little dot of glue. This will help with stability. AND YUCK! Don't stare at my dirty, dry, crusty thumb nail.

5. Attach a clip of some sort. Bobby Pins, alligator clips, whatever suits your fancy.

6. You are done. These are a "one heart" clippy set. I'm thinking of attaching these to the valentines for the girls in Sweet Pea's preschool class.


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