Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Homemade Heart Packet Valentines


Right now the table in my kitchen looks like this.


Yup, today we tackled making Valentines for Sweet Pea to bring to school for her classmates. Her party is on Friday since they don't have school next Monday. Good thing for us since we will be in Florida!


I have a "thing" about homemade Valentines. I just really like them. In fact, I've never even really looked at the tear apart card stock ones for Sweet Pea. We've made our own every year since she was one. And yes, she helped, even then. That year I set her loose with a bunch of card stock and some pink and purple paint. When she was done, I cut them into hearts, added a bit of ribbon and taped on a piece of candy. When she was two, we did homemade play dough. We cut it into hearts with a cookie cutter and wrapped it in cello bags. Last year, I set her loose with a whole mess of scrapbook supplies, a scissors & glue stick. This year, we made heart candy packets.


This wasn't a new or original idea. Just another take on these or these these. I drew the hearts on card stock. Sweet Pea cut them out and decorated them. I sewed them together with some cute tissue paper we found at Micheal's and stuffed them with m&m's. We  cut around the edges with some fancy scissors and Sweet Pea added a few more stickers cause that's what you do when you are four.


Now, these were a bit complicated but still fun. I guess I just figure, if you are going to have your kids write their name on their store bought Valentines and stuff them with candy anyway, why not go the extra step and make them one of a kind!


  1. Oh My Gosh....soooo cute. I love them..thanks for sharing.

  2. So Cute Sarah! My son and I are going to do this today for his preschool class to. Thanks for the fabulous idea!!

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