Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An Embellished T

First: I do not do well with snow days. I can't stand it. I have cabin fever. My kids turn in to bored nasty creatures. It helped today that we had a playdate with the kids next door. But still.

Second: This morning this was a free t-shirt I got from my YMCA. I don't really need another tshirt. Do you??



Third: I cut the collar out, brought in the sides and the sleeves and added some rosettes. This was some rough quick work. Just messing with some ideas in preparation for "The Embellished Five" which you can read more about here on Stefi's blog. I'm fighting with my sewing machine so this could make things interesting for me. Must get that fixed!


Fourth: I thought was cool when I made this because I only used scraps from the existing tshirt. I didn't add anything extra cause I'm cool like that.

Fifth: These are some crappy photos. I really want a new camera. Can someone come over here and convince my husband??? Or just give me one?? He says, "I spent lots of money on that five years ago and it still takes pictures." Oh how I want an upgrade. Can I get an upgrade on my hair and make up too?? That's why I cut off my head in this photo. IT is NOT a good hair day.

Sixth: I found out the YMCA is open so I'm going there. They will watch my kids for an hour while I run. Totally worth the price of my membership. Might have to shovel the end of the driveway first so I can get out :)


  1. So jealous that your Y has daycare during the day... our wellness center only has daycare in the afternoons (because it's a small town and only retired people are home during the day- accept me). By then, I don't want to trek over there... sigh.

    Love the shirt! You can never have enough T-shirts!!

  2. It's a good practice for our little project :) I must say that I got nervous when cutting the pink t-shirt yesterday, thinking: what if I make a mistake...I can't uncut it :)
    I'm also fed up with the winter - moreover I'm about to catch another cold.....:(


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