Friday, February 25, 2011

Billions of Buntings


Yes, Billions. At least that's how many buntings it seems like we need for my sister Bethany's wedding in June. Actually I think it's something like 33 nine yard buntings. Peter, her soon to be husband did an exact calculation using the diameter of the tent they are renting and allowing for a 12 to 18 inch "drape" in the buntings. Nice to have an engineer in the family :) And theses photos are of the two that I have completed. . . . . so many more to go.


I have to report that the most difficult part of the project has been cutting all the triangles. They are cut from samples of discontinued decorator fabric. So think about cutting the stuff your chair is covered in. Oh and think about doing it using sometimes difficult pinking shears. Hard work. My mom, myself and all three of my sisters had a bit of a "bunting" party over the holidays. We popped in a DVD of Anne of Green Gables and went to work with two people marking fabric and two cutting. It was a cozy night until all of us had aching hands.


I honestly can't wait to see how these look decorating a big tent on a lovely June day. I'm sure I'll have more photos to share then! I sure hope it's warmer than the slushy day we are having here.



  1. What a great job! I love the colors, and right around June, those colors will pop right out!

  2. Wow. What a great idea. Who came up with that one ;) ????
    They look great by the way.
    Happy Bunting!!

  3. They make a rotary cutter that is's awesome. It would save your hands....

  4. They will totally be worth it. You can reuse some of the 33! That bunting I bought for the playroom has been used at many a party. It is sort of like Insta-Decorate. Throw it up, and you have festivities.


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