Thursday, October 14, 2010

Skirt to Skirt Refashion

So back in the day I used to be cool and actually go out on the town once in a while. I even went dancing at a club or two and had drinks at bars. Once upon a time, I dressed for the occasion and wore skirts that were short, very short. Like this

Well, then I had kids. I started having drinks and home and only dancing to the Laurie Berkner Band and Elizabeth Mitchell . So yeah, even though my husband would like this to be a part of my daily wardrobe, it hit the Goodwill pile. Until this week, when I decided it would make a nice skirt for Sweet Pea, if I could figure out how to make it fit.

This is how I did it. I know these directions won't work for all skirts because but it did for this one due to the frayed edge and extra seaming that we already part of the skirt. I suppose I could have taken this in on both sides but I wasn't thinking quite straight at 5:30am on Sunday morning,  and I didn't want to cut away pleats, so this is what I did.


I Took a piece of paper and traced the angle of the skirt. I did this so that when I made other cuts the shape of the skirt would be the same. I then used that template to cut out the middle, zipper portion of the skirt. I turned the line around to cut the opposite side. (sorry these are crappy directions). I was left with this.

and this

 Next, I held the long portion of my skirt up to Sweet Pea and cut an additional inch off of each side. I then pinned the wrong sides of the skirt piece and the zipper piece together and sewed. I also zigzagged along the edge to prevent the seam from fraying too much. 

Then I turned this inside out and called it good! I'm happy about the addition of the denim skirt to Sweet Pea's wardrobe for the winter. She wore it today with knee socks. I love knee socks. 

It's SUPER!!!


  1. Wow - that looks great! I think I have some fun club clothes I will never ever never wear again too. I like this idea. She looks great in that skirt.


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