Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pint Sized Project - Bats

Have you seen the bats yet??? Dana at MADE posted photos of some gorgeous paper bats that she had made. They are super cool. She got the idea from The Good Report who got the idea from Country Living  who was nice enough to provide a free bat template. Well, I clicked on all those links this morning and though, hmm lets practice our scissors skills today!!

Well, I managed to cut out quite a few bats while Sweet Pea was napping and Jojo was putting random objects in the microwave.  I nearly nuked a tractor last week. Thanks to my mom for the chat while I cut, cut, cut away. I didn't count on Sweet Pea's waking up in a nasty mood and pretty much refusing to do this project with me. Usually she LOVES scissors. She did cut out a couple of pages of bats but really just worked on her whining and pouting skills.

Both kids got into the project a bit more when I pulled out the tape and let them put the bats up outdoors. I love the effect and can't wait to make a few more to put indoors!

And, since I'm showing you some of our outdoor decor, do you have these pumpkin parts?? At least that's what I call them. They were a purchase at Walmart a couple of years ago and I love to have the kids put them on the pumpkins before Halloween. If we carve too early, our pumpkins rot before the big day but I like them to have faces all the time!!

And since I'm sharing the bat cutouts, have you seen the mice at Sew Woodsy?? They are from Martha Stewart and they are running across my kitchen as we speak. I picked up a few birds to up today too!  


  1. The bats are so cute and I love the pumpkin idea - I've got to do this with my grandson soon! Very creative...

  2. I love these bats and your crazy pumpkin faces! Thank you for linking up to Sew Woodsy!

  3. The bats look amazing.....I really need some black paper. I have to do this!! :)

  4. The bats look great! My family loves our bats as well!

  5. I love the pumpkins lol.. The bats look great hanging on the wall like that



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