Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Recycled Sweater Button Scarf - A tutorial

So earlier this week Elizabeth at Twelve Crafts Till Christmas posted a tutorial for a super cute button scarf made out of bamboo felt and fleece. I put it on my to do list for when it got colder. Well, it got colder. Not quite cold enough for scarves but cold enough for jackets. But you know I wanted make scarves anyway. Now, I didn't have any felt on hand but I did have a couple of old sweaters!!

Now, please bear with me. I have never done a real live tutorial before. My photos are not fabulous and I may leave out a step or two. And I know I will be adding at least one step that was part of my experience but I recommend you leave out of yours if you decided to make a similar scarf! OKay . . .here we go.

1. Find some old sweaters. Mine were in the goodwill box that hasn't made it to Goodwill yet. They were women's size medium. A bit bigger sweater would work better.

2.  Cut the sleeves off. Then cut that sleeve in half and trim to make a rectangle. Mine was about 18 inches by 5  inches for the cream scarf. If I did this again I will use a men's sweater. I would have liked these to be a little bit longer.
3. Cut a piece of fleece the same size as your sweater piece.
4. Place them wrong sides together and stitch around, leaving a small opening to turn.
5. Sit and wonder why your two year old is being so darn quiet. Holler at him a few times until he comes running. If he is covered with white craft paint, stop, take a break, give him a bath, & scrub down all the things he painted on. Oh and don't forget to take a photo of his paint job to post on your blog. Have a talk with his four year old sister about leaving the drawers in the craft cabinet open.
6. Return to your scarf. Turn and sew shut. I did this by sewing a small line of top stitching across each end but do it however you wish.
6. Try it on your kid. Figure out the best spot for the button and hole.
7. Make a button hole. Sew on the button. Put it on your four year old.
8. Make another one for the cleaned up toddler.

Any questions?? Oh, why does Jojo have a big scratch on his nose??? Because Sweet Pea decided it would be a good plan to drive the PowerWheels Car under a low hanging tree branch. It was not a good plan! Yet another thing to have a talk with her about.



  1. What a great idea! I can't even tell you how many unexpected "craft breaks" I've had to take because one of my kiddos decided to get creative themselves. :) Never a dull moment, that's for sure!

    I love this idea. I was just going through my old sweaters because I want to use some of them to make some hats. I think making these with the leftovers will be perfect. Thanks for linking up!

  2. We did pretty much have the same idea. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the boy one. Great work!


  3. I really like the gray one! I'll be tryin' this out too. I've always wondered what kind of stuff I could make with fleece and now I know. Thanks!

  4. I'm just loving the scarves with buttons this season! It looks great--I especially love that grey one!


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