Thursday, October 7, 2010

A nice surprise!

So I had kind of a miserable day yesterday. The morning started off good but went downhill when I dropped my iphone. Yup, smashed screen. Amazingly the thing still works just fine, but you know the shard of glass in my thumb wasn't so nice. Not sure what step I'll take next on that one, probably wait till my husband gets home from his business trip and decide if we repair, upgrade, whatever. So yeah, then I had a meeting at church. Cool, break from the kids! Choir for Sweet Pea and nursery for JOjo. Except Jojo REFUSED to go to the nursery. For some reason he loves it on Sunday mornings but HATES it any other time. So, off to the meeting he went. He was quiet but was under the table, on the chair, off the chair, mooing like a cow, rumbling like a truck, and then ran out the door. After several times of chasing him out the door and hauling him back in, I packed up and left. Over tired and miserable.

So today, 4:30 am. Up. With Jojo. Ready for another rough day.

BUT I got a sweet surprise in my tiny world of crafting and blogging about it. A huge photo of one of my projects on one of my favorite blogs! Yee haw! So Andrea from The Train to Crazy, thank you for making my morning! I linked my Apple Picking version of the Warhol dress up to her "Make it and Wear it" link party last week! So yeah, it's like a tiny bit of validation that someone other than my kids and my mom appreciates what I'm doing with my time. SO yeah, go check out this weeks party! . . . I'm going to go take a nap. Remember I got up at 4:30!

make it wear it

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