Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Masked Monkeys

Remember the bats from last week?? And how I wanted to make more?? Well I finally did a few. I moved a few things around to add them to the look of my mantel. Like so.

And while I had the black card stock and scissors out, I made some masks for my monkeys. Yes, I have large green "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" monkeys in my living room. They were a wedding gift from my sister in law. They are a little strange and I love them. Now they are a little stranger for Halloween! You could do the same for the animals in your house. Or do masks for your framed family photos!!

And since I loved the photos I saw floating around the Internet last week of all the other silhouettes, I picked up a package of crows and mice and had Sweet Pea help me put them up around the house.

See, naughty crows in the fruit bowl.

One hanging out on my pewter plate.
A dirty old mouse looking for his mouse hole.
More crows causing problems.

ANd this guy is part of a whole family of mice trying to find their way upstairs. Okay, I really hope not. Real mice give me the creeps. At my old job, I had a mouse that showed up every winter. I'll never forget sitting at my desk and seeing the mouse run under the closet door with a HUGE piece of pizza crust. The mouse made it under the door, the crust did not. But the mouse tried hard to pull it under the door and I could hear it. I had to leave my office. We got a trap after that. Yuck.

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