Tuesday, October 12, 2010

B is for Bunting


B is for Bunting and Baby and Baby Shower. I am hosting a casual baby shower on Thursday for three moms in my playgroup. I don't have time or energy to go all out on the decor, but wanted to do a little something. Lucky me, had a large random pile of upholstery fabric samples that made this pretty easy to construct. These came from the interior design firm my sister worked at this summer and are all discontinued prints. The samples are easy to use because they come with finished, non fraying edges. The only hard part is getting the labels off!


I just made a binding out of some long strips of fabric made into sort of a bias tape (not cut on the bias though), wedged the sample squares in the middle and sewed along the entire edge.  I'm hoping to decorate by covering the table and buffet with some larger sample squares that kind of sort of coordinate with the ones in the bunting.



  1. I like the fabric samples you chose. It turned out nicely!

  2. I'm so gonna try this...I didn't even think about using a shape other than triangles. I like the fabric!


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