Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Peep Pops

So Sweet Pea is in preschool. Preschools have parties. And at Sweet Pea's preschool there is a mom that is queen of parties. She came up with all sorts of cool stuff the Halloween Party: tombstone chair covers, mini mummy dogs, gory finger bread sticks. I found out later that she has two teen aged daughters that helped her make everything which made me feel a bit better about my contribution that took me about 15 minutes to put together. I had intended to make a Halloween version of Marshmallow Pops ala Everyday Celebrating (check out Michelle's whole blog for awesome entertaining ideas). I even bought the supplies but it just didn't happen! So Peep Pops were born.

I like Peeps and actually bought the Halloween ones to use for marshmallow roasting. Have you tried that?? The Peep sugar sort of crystalizes on the outside and the inside gets all gooey. MMM. Instead, I put each one on a lollipop stick (got those at Michaels for a different food project), put them in piece of floral foam. Put it in a square vase. Covered with orange tissue paper. Taped on jack 'o lantern parts. Put in a bit of black fun fur yarn because I had it on hand. . . . .and off to school we went. Honestly, it was a huge hit with the kids!

Now wouldn't this be fun for Easter too. A basket of bunnies and chicks and such on sticks. No gooey, sugar colored fingers!


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