Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pint Sized Project - Kites!

So yeah, I'm really taking that "Craft With Your Kids" button seriously this week. Many thanks to A Lemon Squeezy Home for hosting it.

So yeah kites. They have been on my brain since last week. My next door neighbor lady and I tried our hardest for nearly an hour to get our cheap dollar store kites up in the air to please our kids. Our adventure ended with the wooden part tearing right off the plastic on mine and hers in a tree! The whole experience was pretty amusing. Picture us tossing the kites as high as we could and then telling our kids holding the string to run. I kept the parts to mine thinking, oh maybe I can make a new "body" for my kite?? Then I came across these fabulous kites on Maya Made. And oh wow, I actually had all the supplies in my house! Yipee! So I called the next door neighbor and invited her kids out to make kites. Well, they were busy but when the rest of the neighbor kids saw what we were doing it drew a crowd. So, crafting with my kids became crafting with a whole bunch of kids. I think we made seven kites in all!

Sweet Pea begins the decorating

This is serious stuff.

Jojo over does it with the tape. Does every kid do this. Mine do EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Jojo's art work

Sweet Pea's art work. She's four so hearts and rainbows of course! 

And then the neighbor kids showed up and swamped me. So no photos of the construction. Just picture me trying to keep 5 little girls focused while I untangled kite string from the legs of my two year old and yelled at my dog to get out of the neighbors' lawn. Got all the kites done and then realized there was almost no wind. Bummer. We ran like crazy to get them to fly though! Kite races, kite walks, running, skipping, jumping, fun!!


Pout a little when your kite won't fly.

Give it one more try!


  1. That looks so much fun. I used to love making kites with my children when they were younger.


  2. Aw, they look like they are having a blast! What a great idea!


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