Friday, September 24, 2010

Pint Sized Project - Funny Fridge Pumpkins

So I have been plugging away on sewing project number two for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. I hit a stopping point though because I have never done button holes and the super cute jumper tutorial from From An Igloo calls for buttons and button holes. Lots of them. So, until I practice some more we are doing a few other things.

This is one of them and was a last minute brain storm when Sweet Pea was begging to do a project yesterday. I like to do things that she can help with or complete herself.

For this project you will need:
Orange card stock, construction paper, or regular paper
craft foam - we used black & yellow
magnet strips with a peel and stick adhesive back

I started by tracing several pumpkin shapes on orange construction paper. Sweet Pea cut them out. She has mad scissors skills for a four year old!

While she was doing that I cut several eye, mouth & nose shapes out of black craft foam. I also cut a few yellow pieces to make the "whites" of the eyes and glued those to the black ones with the glue gun.

We then cut the magnets into strips and put a small piece on each of our face pieces.

Finally we taped our pumpkins to the fridge and made funny faces!

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