Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a new beginning

So in the past year I have become addicted to reading craft blogs. And creating crafts. NOt always so well but it's all about doing something right!

So much of the crafting is about my daughter, Sweet Pea, and son, JoJo. No, not their real names but what they get called a good part of the time. Lately it's been sewing. Dresses, t-shirts and other random stuff.

I dont' feel like much an innovator myself but really like using other people's tutorials and changing them up a bit.

SO, here we go, the world of craft, cooking, parenting, whatever blogging. I will warn you that my grammar may not always be good and that you may be subject to lots of photos taken with my iphone. I blog because I want to, for me so if I want to use my iphone to post, I will. :) If you are here and reading, enjoy.

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  1. I love this introduction to your blog! It's a good thing for us to remember as we blog that they re our blogs and we shoukd be doing it for ourselves first or we won't enjoy it.


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