Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kids Clothes Week Challenge - first project complete!

So really this dress should have been done on Monday. Really. But JoJo has been getting up so darn early that I am just totally out of steam by the time I think about sewing after the kids go to bed. Last night I thought "oh I'll just finish this up real quick" and made a huge error and ended spending the 30 minutes I wanted to use to finish the dress having a date with my seam ripper instead. I took that as a hint to go to bed.

Anyway, it's done! She likes it and it fits and unless she has a wicked growth spurt, it should keep fitting through the winter. I used the Go to Dress Pattern from Train to Crazy but added a an extra strip of coordinating fabric at the cuffs and sleeves to extend the pattern from a size five to a size six. As for the ease of using the pattern? I found it easy to understand. The only part that I had a bit of trouble with was sewing the casing on for the elastic. I think if I make it again, I may do a shirred waits instead. Also, I showed the dress to a friend who thought it would be just as cute without an elastic waist!

So where is Sweet Pea going in her "Go to Dress"??? UP up and away apparently!


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