Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bag Tag

See her?? That's Sweet Pea. She loves projects and takes them very seriously. Our project for yesterday was to make a luggage tag for her brand new backpack. Last year I was annoyed when her teachers put her name on her bag with a permanent marker meaning u can reuse it for her baby brother with out crafting a patch of some sort. So this was an easy peasy scrapbookpaper plus modpodge plus glitter = one happy four year old project.

To do it we traced an old luggage tag on scrapbook paper and modpodged it to the tag. Next I cut out the letters of her name & she modgepodged those on. Then we sprinkled with glitter & let it dry.

Must add photo of the tag in action! And yes, I shop at Aldi.

ETA: all done and ready to go!

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