Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pants into pants

Yup, made pants out of pants. Made by tracing a pair of pants that fit my girl really well. Please excuse the miserable camera phone photos. Seems my husband took off for a 5 day trip to the frozen tundra of northern Wisconsin with my camera. Lovely. These pants were cut from an old pair of stretch cords of mine that were missing a button on the back pocket. I actually had them in the pile for JoJo but when I realized how stretchy they were they didn't seem quite right for boy pants. Although, now that I think about it he really needs some stretchy pants he can get on and off himself since he insists on stripping naked from the waist down every time he goes potty. Yup, socks, shoes, everything. . . . but I digress. Whipped these out during nap time and was almost done when Sweet Pea spied what was left of the old cords on the table and insisted I put the ribbon label and a pocket on her pants. So we did. I cut them out and ironed them on using some steam a seam 2 and did a bit of stitching around them and we were done! 
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  1. Great job with the pants! My son does the same thing. He has to take everything from the waist down off and then usually insists on a new pair of underwear each time.


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