Thursday, December 9, 2010

$2 Door Decor - GIANT STOCKING!

 Welcome! That's my front door up there! And that's the GIANT stocking that's serving as holiday decor! I hung up some greenery and lights a few weeks ago but have been thinking, the door NEEDS something. I thought maybe a wreath?? Maybe some bows added to the top?? More lights?? I cruised the blog world and my local Walmart looking for something that struck my fancy. Then I remember that I had picked up this huge stocking from the Dollar Tree. I thought, hey a huge stocking, with out really knowing what I wanted to use it for. I am really tickled with how this came out and my mom reminded me that she always hung a big knit stocking on the door during the holidays . . . that must of been why nothing else seemed quite right!

Anyway, here's what Sweet Pea and I did if you want to make your own.

Start with a HUGE stocking. This is from the Dollar Tree. They have red & green and red & white.  They still had lots left at my store this morning. You could also sew one if you wanted but it didn't seem worth the effort to me when this was a dollar!

Really, you could embellish this any number of ways. We decided on a big letter "K" for our last name. I had intended to cut and trace one by printing it off my computer but I was having troubles with the printer so I free handed the letter on to some white felt and cut it out.

I considered ironing on my letter using Steam a Seam or other fusible web but opted for the glue gun instead. I figured it was going out doors and if it get's wrecked by weather it's from the Dollar store and I can make a new one!
And there it is, the big letter K. Sweet Pea was quite excited about this since "K" is the letter of the week at preschool! So yeah, the K is cool but this stocking still needed something.

The something ended up being some of these interesting foam snowflake ornaments. They are also from the good old dollar store. They remind me of packing foam. I considered a row of white pompoms too but they ended up being overkill.

I attached the snowflakes with the glue gun too.

Here it is all done hanging on the front door. I picked up two wreath hangers and pinned down the bottom with a command picture hanging strip.

I really love the look & smell of a wreath on the door at Christmas but I am thrilled to have something different decorating my door this season. Now if I could just get someone to fill it up with presents just for me!!



  1. How fun!

    Come enter to win a free pair of sandals!

  2. I love this idea!! Better than that traditional wreath.


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