Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Day in Bethlehem

The kids and I took a trip to Bethlehem today. We visited the leather shop, the bead works, the potter, the bakery, the weaver & the carpenter. We also saw musicians, the wise men and even Mary & Joseph and their new baby Jesus!

So Bethlehem was in the lobby our our church and each of the vendor booths had a different craft activity for the kids along with a vendor in costume who explained what their shop was like during the days of Jesus. The kids made:

Stamped Pouches - craft foam with punched holes that the kids laced and the staff stamped their names on in the leather works

Beaded Bracelets on leather cord in the bead shop

Playdough cross & star ornaments in the pottery shop

Practiced their hammer skills in the carpentry shop

Stirred and sampled bread in the bakery

Made tambourines with the musicians.

Woven craft foam placements with the weavers

We also gave coins to the beggars and had to chat with the Roman guards to pass to the shops. I wish would have taken more photos but I was too busy helping Jojo with all the crafts! It really is a fun event and keeps the kids minds on the true meaning of Christmas!

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