Friday, December 10, 2010

Soft Sock Snowmen

I'm tired this morning, really darn tired. Yesterday was a LONG day. Spin class and then watching my own kids plus two more until 4pm. After they took off we did a quick house pick up and got ready for a dozen playgroup moms and a handful of kids to arrive for the annual cookie swap. A couple of moms hung out to visit until around 10. So yeah, long day. And then the great and wonderful Jojo was up at 5:15 this morning. I'm gonna need either a lot of coffee or a nap.

So I tried really hard to keep the little ones entertained yesterday. We made homemade peppermint marshmallows, reindeer poop, cut snowflakes, and these snowmen from some old socks and tshirts. They were the hit of the day!

We sort of followed this tutorial from Small Fry & Co. The kids had a great time stuffing their snowmen and the big kids enjoyed drawing their own faces on. I especially enjoy that Sweet Pea gave her's eyelashes! I think we may be making a few more of these to put around the house. I only have about a million old socks in a box in the closet!

Okay, off to get this day going. And then take a nap!


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