Monday, December 13, 2010

Frosty the Snowman

So did any one else see the AWESOME pumpkin snowman Jaime from Caught in Grace made last week that was featured on Someday Crafts last week?? And does any one else, besides me and Jaime still have pumpkins in their house or on their front step in December??? I HATE throwing my pretty pumpkins away when they are still looking nice and healthy so I was thrilled when I saw this idea!!

My snowman not nearly as cute as her's is since I only had my little pie pumpkins left. Well, actually the nice big interesting ones were on the front step but when I went to paint them I found that they were mushy. It was a bit sad because I had six of them out there and I could have had two awesome snowmen! I will plan better next year.
 I did things just a bit different because I needed more than hot glue to get my pumpkins to stay together.  I started by giving them a a couple of coats of white spray paint. My paint job is less than stellar due to painting in cooler than ideal temperatures.
 Next I drilled a hole in the top of one pumpkin, top and bottom of the middle pumpkin and the bottom of the top pumpkin. Fun times with the power tools!
 Next I put a piece of wooden bamboo skewer in top and bottom of the middle pumpkin and inserted the skewer in to the top and bottom pumpkins to make a tower.

Gave frosty a nice lopsided eye and smudge mouth face, many thanks to the help of a certain two year old, and tied on a baby sized hat!  The kids love him!

Oh and this was one of those project that added to my husband's idea that I am a bit crazy. He was questioning my sanity when he saw spray painted pumpkins on the front lawn after being out of town for four days!

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  1. I think he's totally cute! And that was a great idea to keep it together with the bamboo skewer. He's adorable! Thanks for linking to my blog!!


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