Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nursing & New Neighbors

Not much crafting going on around here the past two days. The husband had outpatient surgery yesterday morning and I've been busying nursing my patient back to health.  No real news as far as what is wrong until we receive biopsy results tomorrow. Nursing around here mostly means fetching food and drinks and keeping the kids busy and quiet so he can rest. And keeping him company which has given me time to bury my face in the book Sarah's Key which I"m loving!

I did want to show you this quick "welcome to the neighborhood" gift box we put together for some friends that just moved into a house in our subdivision though. It's a fancy box from a birthday gift, & a bit of tissue paper. It includes:

Bad Day Better Cookies
Pine Cone Fire Starters
Grandma's Homemade Snicker Bars
a small note from me
and some FABULOUS artwork created by Sweet Pea for her friends!

Hope they like it!

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