Thursday, December 16, 2010

Angels & Men - Pint Sized Project

I feel a bit silly sharing these because it seems like they are something everyone has made sometime in their life. If you are one of the few people who have not, you should! They are lots of fun. Basically you are making a paper chain. Sort of like a snowflake. My kids both had a great time decorating these this year and just love seeing them hung up!

Start with a long strip of paper. White is fine. Cut up grocery bags are fine. We used a piece from a roll of packing paper we got at the dollar store for a dollar!

Fold it accordion style. You know, back and forth. Make sure your edges meet.

On your fold, draw one half of your design. We did gingerbread men and angels. Make sure the design fills the whole space and that arms, legs, or wings touch the opposite fold.

Cut your design out. Be sure that you leave sections attached on both folds. See, here the feet are right on the fold.

Unfold your paper. See all the little men you created! Holding hands & touching feet!!

Decorate to your liking. Crayons, markers, glitter glue, sequins.

Some one really likes the glitter glue!!


Also, you can tape or glue several of these paper strips of men together to make one long garland to go on your tree or mantel. Ours always seem to end up in the windows. Sweet Pea really enjoys decorating these. This year she got a kick out of making all her angles the same. Last year, she insisted that every single one be different!

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