Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I should have been out the door an hour ago to head to Iowa. My kids both needs naps and are CRAZY. SO nice of my husband to mention 30 more holiday cards he wants sent before I head out of town. Oh and I needed an oil change and I got my hair done and I'm out of stamps and the kids destroyed two handmade gifts I made. So yeah, I will be sparse for the next week. I have a gingerbread house to show you, our holiday tea party, the kids FAB christmas outfits. So yeah, lots of stuff, just no time to blog.

oh and now Jojo is running around with a baseball helmet on and just took off the shoes I JUST put on him and Sweet Pea took out all of our sleeping bags and unrolled them. Guess I will be coming home to a mess. . . . ..

tis the season!

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