Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bunny Pouches

So we are still sick around here. Poor Sweet Pea has had a fever since Sunday night. The pediatrician thinks it's influenza. YUCK. And now Jojo seems to have a fever too. Both of them were up during the night last night a couple of times which is never fun, especially when Jojo shows up at the side of the bed with a bloody nose saying "I need a keenex". There is something terrifying about your toddler's face covered in blood in the middle of the night. You'd think I'd be used to it my now since it's been going on since before he could walk, but no. So since we have been stuck at home this week, I've been trying to squeeze out a few projects like this one. 

I follow several (WAY TO MANY) blogs on facebook. And this super cute idea popped up on my news feed this week. Sew Homegrown made some really cute bunny pencil pouches that were inspired by these cute bunnies from West Elm. Both of these versions are made out of knit material, I did have a few old sweaters floating around, but I decided to use the sleeves from the fleece from this refashion instead. With some creative cutting, I had just enough to squeeze out two bunny pouches to tuck into my kids' Easter baskets!!  Now that I know how to put these together I'm thinking of making a few other animals, or monsters! Just something cute to add to birthday presents and such!

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