Saturday, March 5, 2011

Embellished T


It's Saturday. A dreary Saturday to close out a long week that included losing every single phone number in my phone and having my brand new tennis shoes stolen. And I'm home chilling with my crank pot kids. At least they napped today!!! Yesterday they opted not to which was NOT a good thing since mommy went out the night before and stayed up WAY to late. I was one tired, cranky mommy yesterday, hence no blogging.

So I'm back at it again today. My husband is nice enough to be spending the entire weekend downtown celebrating Mardi Gras while I'm home with my munchkins. I am hosting a "Mom's Night In" Slumber Party tonight though. Anyone want to come over for Cosmopolitans and Games??

Okay, sorry for the whinefest. I have a craft to show you!! How about an embellished t-shirt!

Start with one plain tshirt. This one is from Target. It was on clearance. I have an affection for black tshirts. Seriously, I have five or six. And I have just as many black tank tops!


Next, you need some tulle. I used the kind from a roll in the wedding supply section. I cut it into 1/2 inch strips. I think the length is six inches. I just went with whatever the width of the roll was. Pick on a spot on the side of your shirt, and lay out your strips in a "starburst" pattern. I put mine pretty low so I wouldn't have weird stretching over my chest.


Feel free to mess with your pattern. Vary the lengths. Make them all the same. Do multiple colors. Mine are lavender even though you can't really tell. After you have them how you like them, pin them down and sew them on. Sew right down the middle of each strip. It worked best for me to sew from the outside of the strip to the inside, overlapping strips as I went. After I sewed all the strips up to the side of my shirt, I trimmed the extra off. Now you can stop here if you want but I wanted to add a "center" to my design. SO I made a rosette out of a strip of tulle. I started with a knot and twisted and wrapped it to make a flower

Here is a good tutorial on how to do it. I didn't use glue, I just used a needle and thread to secure the rosette and then secure it to my shirt.


And if you are feeling fancy like me, you can add a few beads! I sewed those on with a needle and thread too.




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  1. That turned out beautiful. I'm your newest follower. I would love it if you linked your project up to my link party on Monday.
    More The Merrier Monday.


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