Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Pea turns Five

SO I had hoped to be back in full force this week but now I'm busy trying to catch up after being sick and the great and wonderful Sweet Pea has been diagnosed with influenza. :( No fun around here. I'm just waiting for Jojo to be sick too.

We did manage to squeeze in a quick birthday party for Sweet Pea over the weekend. I really was trying to avoid a party (worn out mom) but we made it happen. Nothing to fancy this year. I did manage to squeeze out a set of these Birthday Crowns which were fun for the kids to take home.

For a quick craft, I printed the build your own cupcake pieces from Volume 25.

 We also had fun with the "stick the giant cherry on the cupcake game."  I just cut the left over felt from the crowns into a cupcake shape and had the kids stick on felt cherries.

 The birthday girl had a great time so I guess it was a success!!! 

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  1. Looks so fun! Love the crowns!



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